Communicate effortlessly with your suppliers     

Our secure document gateway enables all of your enterprise suppliers to communicate effortlessly. Use AI and not your valuable business resources, to receive, accurately validate and pay supplier invoices.

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Accounts Payable Automation

Free up valuable resources to focus on your core business and pay your suppliers in a compliant, accurate, and timely way.

Our AI-powered, PEPPOL accredited solution automates even the most complex supplier onboarding and invoice workflows over our SpendConsole™ platform. Approved by the Australian and New Zealand Taxation offices, we can get your business up and running quickly.

Achieve strong compliance with supplier contracts and gain actionable insights on your business spend. 

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Why SpendConsole™?

Validate even the most complex invoices

We use our proprietary AI and machine learning techniques to validate even the most complex supplier invoices against your business rules, purchase orders, and contracts.

Compliant supplier onboarding

Automate onboarding of your Suppliers including compliance checks and capturing of insurance certificates. SpendConsole™ enables compliance in an efficient and automated way, saving you significant time and valuable business resources.

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Effortless communication

We have already done the hard work so you can effortlessly integrate SpendConsole™ with your systems. Use our ready integration adaptors to enable communication with origination's systems.

PEPPOL compliance

SpendConsole™ is a PEPPOL Access Point and compliant with the international PEPPOL standards, meaning your business can efficiently trade with your suppliers following a standard and secure way. 

Backed by guarantee

Our unique outcomes-based commercial model significantly
minimises implementation risk. This means that we will commit to delivering your business case outcomes and drive your success.


The SpendConsole™ team has over 80 years of combined industry experience. We will partner with you from business case through to successful transition of your business and suppliers. 

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"SpendConsole™ significantly improves our processing times and minimises our risk of incorrect payments."

Brendan Francis, CEO |  PRaaS

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