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Simplify and automate
Accounts Payable the smart way

Imagine a world where Artificial Intelligence and Accounts Payable are great mates! It's possible today with SpendConsole.   


Redefine efficiency and boost productivity with your Accounts Payable process by automating invoice capture, approvals, payments and reconciliation in  a single platform. 

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Capture invoices
in any format

Using AI, machine learning and optical capture, Spendconsole's AI-driven cloud-based Accounts Payable automation solution captures, digitises and processes invoices regardless of format.

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Integrate with existing accounting systems

Sync detailed, accurate transaction and reconciliation reports into your ERP system eliminating costly, resource heavy manual processes and reducing processing time and improving accuracy.

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Automate approval processes

Create robust approval channels and streamline payment approval management. Pay the right invoices at the right time and reduce the risk of duplicate payments, errors and fraud.

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Simplify reporting
and audits

Get a clear, unified view of spend by user, department, project or vendor with real-time analytics and reporting. Search and filter results to find any invoice by vendor, GL code, amount or legal entity.

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Control spend and improve financial visibility

Track and manage business spend by department, project, vendor. Track committed spend against contracts and purchase orders and accurately report on accruals and liabilities.

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Easy access to
real-time insights

Unlock insight into your business spending with cutomisable reports, dashboards and KPIs to better understand business spend and improve cashflow management.

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Using AI, both suppliers and buyers can collaborate on invoices for faster payment.


Our single invoice cockpit gives Accounts Payable teams a birds-eye view of all invoices received from multiple channels.

Robust APIs makes it easy to integrate

Quickly integrate SpendConsole, with robust integrations designed for SAP® ERP, S/4 HANA®, SAP Ariba® and SAP Business Network® Solutions

Are you ready to transform your Accounts Payable?

Let us show you how SpendConsole can help transform your Accounts Payable processes. Start making your impact today!

Great! We look forward to speaking with you and transforming your Accounts Payable.

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