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Maximise governance
and spend management

Imagine a world where key strategic metrics was available with a click of a button. It's possible today with SpendConsole.


The SpendConsole Insights dashboard is designed to bring the most relevant information and insights to you, at a glance. Each widget provides an overview of key spend data that can help in creating a more informed strategic direction for your organisation, driving up governance and improving visibility.

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Improve payment
cycle times

With a single platform, access critical accounting information and analyse key performance indicators (KPIs) such as approval times, exceptions, and paper invoices.

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Refine spend classification

Refine the accuracy of purchase orders and invoices spend using our AI-based Spend Classification tool. Make more confident decisions by automating error correction and normalising spend data.

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Streamline AP

Keep track of AP performance indicators to identify inefficiencies and streamline your AP processes for faster processing, lower costs,
and fewer errors.

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Enabling finance teams to accurately report on liabilities, commitments and accruals.

Personalise your insights view to your specific business needs and user personas.

Robust APIs makes it easy to integrate

Quickly integrate SpendConsole, with robust integrations designed for SAP® ERP, S/4 HANA®, SAP Ariba® and SAP Business Network® Solutions

Are you ready to transform your Accounts Payable?

Let us show you how SpendConsole can help transform your Accounts Payable processes. Start making your impact today!

Great! We look forward to speaking with you and transforming your Accounts Payable.

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