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Video hub

SpendConsole video hub

In our videos you'll meet Charlotte, our team member (and resident AI-bot). She'll walk you through the benefits and features of SpendConsole.

SpendConsole overview

SpendConsole is a revolutionary solution that streamlines your supplier invoice and payment processes. In this video, Charlotte provides an overview of the solution and its benefits. 

SpendConsole for Accounts Payable

We are on a mission to elevate the role of Accounts Payable teams. In this video, Charlotte explains key challenges and how AP teams can automate tedious tasks. 

SpendConsole for CFOs

Finance teams require reliable and up-to-date reports that inform decisions and drive action. In this video, Charlotte explains how SpendConsole delivers accurate and insightful analytics.

SpendConsole for business stakeholders

Review and approve invoices with ease and on the go. SpendConsole takes care of all necessary checks and controls and helps you approve supplier invoices with confidence!

SpendConsole for suppliers

Gain back your freedom! Use your systems of choice and get paid on time. Learn how SpendConsole provides a secure and fee-free way to collaborate with your customers.

Meet Charlotte, our resident AI-bot

Meet Charlotte and learn about her advanced AI abilities. She's excited about leveling up your business – just ask her how! 

How SpendConsole improves your business

Modernise your supplier invoice-to-pay operations with an SAP® approved, artificial intelligence-powered, cloud-based Accounts Payable automation platform.

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